Rescue Mission Ranch INC

Raising Up Rescuers™


Phase 1

  • Purchase property.
  • Prepare housing for families, support staff and short-term volunteers.
  • Prepare facility for Ranch Academy.
    • Purchase equipment, furnishings and curriculum.

Phase 2

  • Purchase ranch equipment (tractors, etc.)
  • Implement ranch projects for self-sustainment
    • Animals (beef cattle, horses, chickens, etc.)
    • Tree Planting (pecans, peaches, apples, pines, etc.)

Phase 3

  • Develop / expand for future family housing
  • Develop / expand future projects for ranch sustainability


Some initial projects may include:

Animal Projects

Opportunities will be provided for children to participate in raising, feeding, caring for and training (rescued or purchased) animals. Animal projects may include farm animals such as beef cattle, milk goats, sheep, laying hens, horses, bee-keeping, fowl, swine, etc.  as well as pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. Ranch projects will be developed for the purpose of self-sustainment, food sources and the teaching of responsibility.

Planting Projects

Ranch children will engage with the study of Life Science and Nutrition via seasonal planting and the tending / harvesting of plants. Planting projects may include foods for the ranch families such as vegetables, fruits, and herbs as well as food for the ranch animals, such as livestock feed and  the harvesting of hay. Larger projects may include planting fruit and nut trees, pines or other hard woods etc. for sustainability in the future (millable timber). 

Building Projects

Building projects in combination with Safety Education will facilitate the learning of construction skills combined with the proper usage of tools for everyday purposes of building and repairs. Some building projects may include preparing / repairing animal shelters such as a dog house, birdhouse, etc. as well as grounds projects such as fencing or landscaping, etc.