The Ranch

RMR will operate an on-site private, Christian academy for all ranch children, PreK – 12th grades. Using an integrated and experiential (hands-on) approach, combined with traditional academics and Georgia’s core curriculum requirements, each child will work according to their highest level of ability. 

We have located a property of interest which is a working ranch and has the potential to be self-sustaining. There are multiple homes on the property as well as a number of structures and buildings that could facilitate the ranch, the support staff, the school and space for the development of future family housing. Once funds are received, we will make an offer to purchase.

In Loving memory of
Chief Pete Duran

A Word from Tam

Fostering Within An Ekklesia Community

By Tamar Duran

The Ekklesia that Jesus said He would build has been given keys to open doors and shut doors within our communities, within our homes and within our lives. Whatever types of activities have been allowed are open “gates”; activities that are not allowed are closed “gates”. So who has the ability to open or close the gates, be they good or bad? The Ekklesia of Jesus.

A beautiful example of an Ekklesia in action is portrayed by how Jesus lived His life in community with His disciples. Theirs was a community of relationship, not just proximity. Together they walked, shared meals, fed 5000, went to a wedding, healed the sick, raised the dead and probably borrowed a cup of oil from a neighbor when needed. That is what I call, “doing life together”. We really don’t experience much of that today because everyone is too busy doing their own thing. But that same type of “Ekklesia life” can be experienced successfully if we are intentional about doing it as demonstrated by Jesus and led by Holy Spirit.

I believe this is how Jesus intended His followers to live; in unity with Him and with one another; serving Him and serving one another in love…love that is demonstrative and active. Why does the old African proverb say, “It takes a village to raise a child.”? Most Africans are poor by US standards and many have limited resources. But if the village combines its resources and takes on the responsibility of raising a child, together they can get it done successfully and without lack. This is a perfect illustration of unity in action.

We see another picture of the power of unity in Genesis 11:6, when the people worked together to build the Tower of Babel. The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.” This is a demonstration of unified people working together towards a common goal. Of course their purpose was not pleasing to God and He stopped them by confusing their language. But what if the purpose was pleasing to God? What if our unified intent was the saving and rescuing of children out of the Foster Care system? Nothing we could plan would be impossible for us and we know that nothing is impossible with God.

When the Ekklesia works together to support the needs of a family who fosters and adopts, we are providing them a loving and praying community of foundational support that is hearing from Heaven and releasing God’s provision into their lives now and into their future.

“And the King will answer them, ‘Don’t you know? When you cared for one of the least important of these my little ones, my true brothers and sisters, you demonstrated love for me.”

Matthew 25:40 (TPT)


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